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17Jul, 2017

Book review: The Lives of Community Health Workers: Local Labor and Global Health in Urban Ethiopia, by Kenneth Maes, published by Routledge This deeply researched, intelligent, and persuasive book by Dr. Kenneth Maes addresses the moral economy of global aid for health.   To fill the role of community health workers (CHWs), many poor countries extend the reach of their under-resourced public health systems by recruiting and training unpaid volunteers from poor, marginalized communities. The book describes the work of these volunteer CHWs in urban Ethiopia who willingly accept the task given to them: to provide care and support for their neighbors living with AIDS. What makes their unpaid work remarkable is that volunteers are themselves often struggling to make a living, and may themselves be HIV positive.     The ART program sign at ALERT Hospital's main gate, 2007. Picture courtesy of Dr. Kenneth Maes. The global health organizations [...]