IAPHS Board Meets, Plans Transition to Membership Organization


On May 3, the seven members of the IAPHS planning Board met in New Orleans to begin the process of transitioning IAPHS to a membership organization with elected leadership. During the meeting, the Board: Approved the governance plan recommended by the  Membership Planning Committee – IAPHS will have five officers – a President­-Elect, President, Past President, Treasurer and Secretary.  The new Board will consist of these officers and 9 additional members.  Election slates will be developed to ensure diversity in the leadership by discipline, sector, and career stage. Accepted the recommendations of the Membership Planning Committee for membership categories and dues. IAPHS will have both individual and institutional members. Institutions can join at a variety of levels to obtain benefits for their students or staff.  Individuals can join as student or regular members. Dues for regular members will be set on a sliding scale based on income. Basing dues on income (rather than career stage or some other criterion) helps to account for differences in salary levels across different disciplines and sectors.  It helps to make IAPHS membership accessible to everyone, regardless of their income.  IAPHS won’t collect information about income or make the dues category an individual selects public.We welcome […]

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