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Purpose, Mission & Objectives

The purpose of IAPHS is to foster scientific innovation and discovery to improve the health of populations and reduce health disparities. The mission of IAPHS is to provide a forum that will connect population health scientists across disciplines and sectors, advance the development of population health science, and promote its application. IAPHS carries out its mission by pursuing three objectives:

  1. Advance population health science
  2. Improve population health by promoting the communication and application of science  
  3. Support population health scientists in their careers


IAPHS is arriving at a crucial time for population health.

In the US, health care spending continues to increase; health still depends heavily on the color of one’s skin; and mortality is actually increasing among some population groups.
Around the globe, people are seeking innovative solutions for population health issues, including approaches that complement but move beyond clinical care.  (See The Power of Place for an example of how where we live, work and play affects our health).
We need to support scientists, especially those early in their careers, in developing new interdisciplinary approaches that integrate social, behavioral and biological knowledge, leading to innovation and new discoveries.
Population health experts belong to a diverse set of disciplinary and health-related organizations, but no single organization brings them all together. We need an organization that bridges across disciplines and sectors, while partnering with other organizations to advance population health science.

What will IAPHS do?

Our vision includes:

  • Annual Meetings that convene and facilitate interaction among scientists from different disciplines as well as population health practitioners;
  • The IAPHS Forum – the hot spot for population health science information and exchange on the IAPHS website will include a Blog, research highlights, and occasional interviews;
  • A Senior Mentorship Network to support the professional development and scientific productivity of early-career professionals;
  • Tools: an online searchable database of all members and up-to-date listings of job, training and funding opportunities; upcoming conferences; data resources; and teaching resources;
  • An awards program that recognizes outstanding accomplishments in science, translational activities, and mentoring;
  • A competitive Working Groups program that enables small groups of scientists and/or practitioners to establish long-term collaborations around shared problems; and
  • Targeted programs and products that facilitate and promote the translation and application of science to improve health.
  • In the long term, IAPHS may also consider founding a scientific journal and creating specialized training tools such as workshops, webinars and podcasts.

Some of these activities are already in motion; others are just beginning the planning process or will depend on decisions made by the leadership of the membership organization.  Many will depend on funding support.

IAPHS Governance

IAPHS is led by six officers: a President-­Elect, President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Director. All officers except the Treasurer and Executive Director are elected by the membership. The Board of Directors includes the six officers and nine additional Board members, three elected each year.

Information on previous leadership is available here.

IAPHS elections are held annually. All individual members of IAPHS are eligible to vote. IAPHS strives to achieve diversity in the leadership of the organization along many dimensions, including discipline, career stage, race/ethnicity, and engagement in basic research vs. practice/policy.  Please email IAPHS with your suggested candidates for leadership roles.

See the IAPHS Bylaws for more information.

IAPHS Committees

Committees are the backbone and life-blood of IAPHS.  Committees provide oversight, organize activities, carry out essential functions, and guide and advise the leadership on how the organization can best achieve success.

See the IAPHS Committees and their members.

Joining an IAPHS Committee is a great way to get involved, form new professional relationships, and make a tangible difference in the course of the association. Email us if you’d like to volunteer.

During its planning phase, many volunteers stepped forward to join committees. They came from many different disciplines and represented over 50 organizations concerned with population health. They made IAPHS what it is today.

Help IAPHS Chart its Path!

How would you like to help build IAPHS?  As an officer, Board member, or committee member?  By spreading the word to your colleagues – especially others with different skillsets – and encouraging them to join?  By making a tax-deductible contribution?  With your help, IAPHS will become an essential asset to all those concerned with population health.  Find out more about how you can help IAPHS chart its path.

The Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science (IAPHS) was incorporated January 5, 2015 and was recognized as a charitable organization (501(c)(3)) on April 27, 2015. IAPHS launched as a membership organization on September 19, 2016.  Click here to join IAPHS >
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