Pop Health Tackles COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting population health on a global level. Population health science leverages knowledge and expertise across scientific disciplines to answer questions that individual disciplines alone cannot. This page contains resources for IAPHS members, members of the public, and members of the media to help understand the pandemic and how to minimize its negative impact on population health.

The IAPHS COVID-19 Working Group is chaired by Kasim Ortiz and Julie Maslowsky in conjunction with the IAPHS Communications Committee Co-Chairs Darrell Hudson and Michael Esposito.

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COVID-19 Webinar

“Balancing health and economic considerations in COVID-19 responses: Dilemmas and opportunities for population health”  #PopHealthTacklesCOVID

IAPHS Blog Resources

Dr. Jimi Adams
Dr. Frederick Zimmerman
Dr. Steven Woolf
Meghan Wolfe
Zinzi Bailey et al.
Lawrence Brown

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Cases & Latest Updates

Disease Detectives

How to Protect Yourself

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Teaching Online

How to Adapt Courses


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Resource Hub
Dear Pandemic

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Herd Immunity


Unobserved Cases


Human Subjects Guidance


Racism’s Role in COVID

Guidance for Grantees


International Survey


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Tracking Project
COVID-19 Data
Social Index
Public Health Initiative
Surveillance System
Action Tracker
Testing in the U.S.
State Data and Policy
State Action
Digesting the Data
Impact of Lockdown
Surveillance Testing
Case Counts
Poverty and COVID-19

IAPHS Members in Research Resources

Reflecting on SARS


The Big Question
Gasping for Air


Rural Areas


COVID-19 Collection
India & COVID-19
Geographic Disparities
Medical Sociology

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Global Cases

Popular Media

Social Distancing

 Hammer & The Dance

USA Today – #StayHome

Corona Simulator

Interactive Tool

Chain of Transmission


IAPHS Members in Popular Media

Greatest Weakness
Social Distancing
Inequities in COVID-19




Fact Vs. Fiction

BBC Global Update



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Leisure & Organization Activities to Assist During Social Distancing

Virtual Museum Tours


Travel From Home


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