Institutional Membership




Institutional Member Benefits:

  • Visibility on the IAPHS website (optional) to publicize your capacities and interests.
  • Twenty percent discount on membership fees for all employees and students currently affiliated with the institutional member.
  • Ten percent discount on IAPHS workshops.
  • Access to conference videos and webinars
  • Social media promotion of your job and other announcements
  • Table at the Recruitment Fair during the Annual Meeting
  • Discounted rate for Exhibitors at the Annual Meeting


New for 2020 Memberships!

In addition to the items above, each institution may choose one of the following options, which best suits the needs and interests of the organization. To provide more flexibility, every year you are able to change which option is best for your organization.

Choose one of the following:

  • 5 Free Student Memberships
  • Advertisement in the Annual Meeting Program
  • Listed as Reception Sponsor for the Annual Meeting
  • Listed as a Poster Session Sponsor for the Annual Meeting


Annual Membership Fee: $2000

Frequently Asked Questions


Any organization that supports the IAPHS mission and purpose can become an Institutional Member:

  • academic departments or centers
  • private research institutes
  • government agencies
  • foundations or other nonprofit organizations
  • health care or public health organizations