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2024 Award Committee

 Committee provides development, oversight and selection of the six IAPHS awards offered at each annual meeting.

Nomita Bajwa (Chair), University of Houston
Philip Alberti (Board Liasion), AAMC

2024 Blog Editorial Board

Members advise on themes and strategies for the blog, author posts, and recruit other authors to participate in the blog. 

JoAnne Dyer (Blog Manager)

2024 Communications Committee

Responsible for developing and implementing an overall communications strategy for IAPHS as well as for the content and timeliness of the IAPHS website, blog, social media, and newsletter.

Rita Hamad (Chair), University of California, San Francisco
Caryn Bell (Board Liasion), Tulane University

2024 Finance Committee

A subcommittee of the Board responsible for overseeing IAPHS financial activities; recommending an annual budget; recommending levels of membership, conference, and other fees.

Elaine Hernandez (Chair), Indiana
Elizabeth Wildsmith (Treasurer), Child Trends

2024 Membership Committee

Responsible for developing and overseeing IAPHS activities to expand and maintain membership and to promote diversity in its membership and leadership.

Sarah Gollust (Board Liasion), UMN
Kaori Fujishiro (Co-Chair), CDC
Tia Palermo (Co-Chair), University of Buffalo

2024 Meeting Program Committee

Develops the themes and program for annual conferences.

Katherine Keyes (Co-Chair)
Andrew Fenelon (Co-Chair)
Magdalena Cerda (Board Liasion)

2024 Mentoring Committee

Oversees the IAPHS Mentoring Program established in 2019 to meets the needs of members – at any career stage – who could use advice on professional development issues.

Silvia Martins (Board Liasion), Columbia University
Johnelle Sparks (Co-Chair), University of Texas at San Antonio
Christine Bachrach (Co-Chair), University of Maryland

2024 Nominations Committee

Coordinates the process of developing diversity goals for nominations for leadership positions in IAPHS, preparing nominations for elected officers and Board members, and supervising IAPHS elections.

Mark Hayward (Chair), University of Texas at Austin

2024 Professional Development Committee

Oversees and guides the professional development activities for the organization.  Activities could include webinars, annual meeting sessions, workshops, and membership surveys.

William Story (Chair), University of Iowa College of Public Health
Jennifer Karas Montez (Board Liason/Co-Chair), Syracuse University

2024 R2A Working Group

Members develop activities that support IAPHS’s objective to improve population health by promoting the communication and application of science. 

Marisa Westbrook (Chair), Portland State University

2024 Racial & Social Justice Committee


Marino Bruce (Liaison/Co-Chair), Vanderbilt University
LaToya O’Neal (C0-Chair), University of Florida

2024 Student Committee

Working group represents student members of IAPHS. The groups focus is to generate opportunities, at the annual conference and throughout the year, which provide professional development resources for student members.

Michael Green (Chair), Duke University
Sandte Stanley (Past-Chair), Washington State University