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IAPHS volunteers represent over 75 universities and organizations concerned with population health.

As a new association, IAPHS depends on donated funds as well as the time and effort of volunteers. Volunteers and donors just like you are determining the future of population health science and will chart the course for the organization.

Take that Next Step…



Help build IAPHS!  Even if you can’t spare much time, you can contribute by serving on a committee, helping with materials, spreading the word, and more.  Email with your ideas and interests.



Organizations can get involved in many ways! Examples include sponsoring a special event at a conference, supporting the Blog or another Website feature, or making an unrestricted financial contribution. Email: for more information.



Help IAPHS become a vibrant membership organization by making a tax-deductible donation. There is no amount too small. Having a broad base of contributors will help IAPHS demonstrate support to other funders, and will be essential in meeting costs over the coming years.  Click here to make a donation.


Over 150 volunteers have already served on committees that have guided and supported IAPHS.  The volunteers include academics and government employees; leaders in private health organizations; deans and directors and starting-out assistant professors. They have a broad range of expertise including the fields of epidemiology, the social sciences, neuroscience, public policy, medicine, and many more. The one thing that they all have in common is a passion for population health. If you’d like to volunteer your time to ensure that IAPHS reaches its full potential, please contact us at


Financial Support

Monetary contributions to IAPHS are tax-deductible and support the Blog, conference planning, mentoring programs, administrative costs, and outreach activities.

Many organizations have supported IAPHS, through in-kind or financial contributions. Check out the banner below for their logos!

IAPHS is especially indebted to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for supporting three initial conferences jointly hosted by IAPHS, the Population Research Institute at Penn State University, the Institute for Policy & Social Research at the University of Kansas, and others.

Dawn Alley, Susan Almy, Christine, Peter, and Tom Bachrach, Erika Blacksher, Jo Boufford, James Broesch, Jennifer Brewington, Sarah Burgard, Carolyn Cannuscio, Ray Catalano, Sara Curran, Dorothy Daley, Ana Diez Roux, Renee Dinsmore, Jennifer Dowd, Valerie Durrant, Sandro Galea, Andrea Gielen, Tiffany Green, Anjum Hajat, Kristin Harper, Kathleen Mullan Harris, Misty Harris, Mark Hayward, Robert Hummer, George Kaplan, Xiaofen Keating, David Kindig, Gerard Lebeda, Hedy Lee, Lindsey Leininger, Bruce Link, Sanne Magnan, Allen Mallory, Molly Martin, Julie Maslowsky, Ryan Masters, J. Michael and Pat McGinnis, Carlos Mendes de Leon, Jeff Morenoff, John Mullahy, José Pagán, Tia Palermo, Aric Prather, Lourdes Rodriguez, Pamela Russo, Jonathan Samet, Sarah Stoddard, David Takeuchi, Steven Teutsch, Yonette Thomas, Van Tran, Megan Winkler, Fred Zimmerman.