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IAPHS is committed as an organization to serve as a forum that brings all perspectives together in the development of outstanding and impactful population health science. IAPHS “…brings into its tent individuals who differ with respect to scientific discipline, employment sector, career stage, life experience, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender expression, ability, political persuasion, and cultural values.” Diversity is central to the development of interdisciplinary science.

IAPHS encourages identifying advocacy opportunities for its members to engage with stakeholders to elevate the role of science and evidence for the benefit of population health.

IAPHS will not develop a proactive advocacy program at this time. In order to be impactful, such programs require a deep investment of resources to identify organizational priorities, craft messages, and invest in advocacy efforts that IAPHS does not currently have. However, IAPHS will disseminate information to its members on opportunities for them to take positions on issues related to evidence-based programs, practices, and policies that advance population health. Further, IAPHS will provide venues for its members to engage in scientific debate on policy issues, through the annual meeting, workshops, webinars, blog posts, and podcasts, among others.

There are organizations who have an established advocacy structure which may provide opportunities for IAPHS members to engage with advocacy efforts.. Examples include, but are not limited to:

Should IAPHS members have opportunities they wish to be shared with the membership, please email the details to IAPHS Executive Director, Sue Bevan ( to facilitate a discussion with the IAPHS Board on relevance to the IAPHS Advocacy Policy  and potential dissemination to inform members. 

This policy will be in place for an initial 3-year period and re-evaluated at the end of the period.

Date: October 2023