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Mentoring Program


Welcome to the IAPHS
Mentoring Program!

The IAPHS Mentoring Program seeks to meet the needs of members at any career stage who could use some advice on professional development issues.


Registration for mentees closes July 8, 2024

Mentees must be IAPHS members and may not have participated in the program as a mentee previously.


Being a mentor is a deeply rewarding way to contribute to population health science.   It builds fruitful relationships that, for many, bring new insights and ideas to their work.  Most importantly, it offers the satisfaction of making a difference in the career of a next generation scientist. Listen to the mentors talk about their experiences in the video.


Being a mentee enables individuals to access advice and guidance from successful population health scientists, often from other disciplines and institutions. Entering a mentoring relationship helps to build professional networks and provides a helping hand in planning for – and meeting – career goals. Watch the video to hear mentees describe what they have gained!

How the Program Works

Get Matched

IAPHS will compare the needs and expectations of mentors and mentees. We can’t guarantee a match, but we’ll do the best we can!

Get Oriented

IAPHS will host an hour-long orientation to the program for mentors and mentees. Attend to learn about what you can expect and how to make your experience a success!

Make a Plan

Talk with each other to establish a schedule for calls and initial expectations. We’ve created a template that will help you develop specific goals. We encourage all pairs to post their plan on the program website and revise it as it evolves.

Connect and Learn from Each Other

IAPHS will support you with monthly emails that provide tips and resources to help you get the most out of your relationship. But it’s up to you to keep in touch and to let the relationship evolve in helpful ways while honoring the expectations you’ve agreed to.


Questions? Contact Brianne Cook (