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Map of US Lifespans

For U.S. women, how long you live depends on where you live.
Courtesy of Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

America’s Health Gap

How do we improve health and reduce health disparities?

The odds of a long and healthy life are unequal in America. In 2010, life expectancy for women living in Marin County, California was 85 years. For women from Perry, Kentucky, it was 73 – a full 12 years less. The odds of premature death, disability, and disease are greater for Americans who are poor or black or American Indian. Even the best off Americans, however, fare worse on some health outcomes than their European counterparts.

Can we do better? The Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science (IAPHS) believes we can.

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September Conference Tackles Challenging Population Health Issues

The September 19 – 21 conference at Penn State University, “Persistent and Emerging Issues in Population Health Science,” will explore some of the most challenging population health topics and [...]

Committee Drafts “Framework and Principles” for IAPHS Activities in Translation and Communication of Science

How can IAPHS best meet its goal to “improve population health by promoting the communication and application of science”?  The primary focus of IAPHS will be advancing science, but the [...]

2016 Fundraising Campaign: The Goal is in Sight!

Thanks to the work of the Development Committee and the generosity of 21 individual donors and three institutions, IAPHS is over two-thirds of the way towards achieving its [...]

Need Inspiration for your undergrad Population Health Course?

Need Inspiration for your undergrad Population Health Course?  Browse our collection of syllabi gathered by IAPHS colleague Lindsay Till Hoyt.  The syllabi cover a range of topics, including [...]

RWJF Health & Society Scholars Celebrate Accomplishments, Bid Farewell

Faculty, alumni, scholars and others connected with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars program gathered in New Orleans, LA in early May for their final [...]

Knowledge Exchange resources available from the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute

The Population Health Institute has made available a set of resources for researchers interested in knowledge exchange projects with partners such as community groups, policymakers, and government organizations [...]




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