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Improving the Health of Populations through Science and Innovation

Population health science requires scientists from different disciplinary backgrounds to combine their knowledge and expertise to answer questions that individual disciplines alone cannot. The Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science (IAPHS) was founded to bring them all together. Learn More | Donate | Join


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The 2023 IAPHS Conference, “Gender, Sexuality, and Health Across the Life Course: Current Challenges and Opportunities for Population Health and Health Equity” will take place on October 2-5, 2023 in Baltimore, Maryland.



IAPHS is pleased to offer online events throughout the year. In most cases, the online events will be recorded and available to IAPHS members to access.

Social Determinants of Health

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhuman….”  –Martin Luther King Jr., March 1966 

How long you live and how healthy you are depend in part on your race or ethnicity, your income, and even your ZIP code. In New York City, East Harlem residents live an average of 71 years, while those a few blocks away in the Upper East Side live to almost 90. 

American health disparities reflect both current and historical inequalities. Systemic racism, environmental injustice, and economic disenfranchisement mean that health and longevity aren’t equally obtainable for everyone.

IAPHS believes that with interdisciplinary population health research and evidence-based policy, we can reduce disparities and improve health for everyone.



Apr 04

RacismLab: Keynote Panel & Discussion

We will convene the RacismLab symposium in two parts. The first part will include a keynote panel of four speakers on racialization and after a 30-minute break, we will reconvene with a one-hour discussion on measurement of racialization. The panel will be live from the University of Michigan and cast over zoom to anyone wishing to attend.

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Apr 05

RacismLab: Student-Led Panels

We will convene the RacismLab symposium in two parts. The second part will be two student-led panels on race and health and will be over zoom only.

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Apr 13

Twitter Takeover with David Kinitz

Join @ia4phs for a twitter takeover with David Kinitz!

May 11

Twitter Takeover with Rin Reczek

Join @RinReczek for an IAPHS Twitter Takeover!

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