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Kasim Ortiz

Kasim is actively involved in UNM’s Institute for the Study of “Race” & Social Justice, the NIH-funded Engaged for Equity project, as well as the NIH-funded Transdisciplinary Research, Equity & Engagement Center for Advancing Behavioral Health. Kasim’s research interests include utilizing a social determinants of health perspective to understand how ethnoracial and socioeconomic stratification contributes to health inequities. Specifically, he is interested in the demography of sexual minorities in the United States; whereby examinations of health serve as a lens of stratification. In assessing contextual determinants of health, Kasim draws upon sociological concepts of neighborhood dynamics and mass incarceration as a lens for understanding ethnoracial and socioeconomic stratification. Most of his population research has assessed substance use behaviors. Kasim has participated in several population health focused training programs, including: Berkeley’s Annual Formal Demography workshop, Fenway’s Summer Institute in LGBT Research, Princeton’s Fragile Families Summer Data Workshop, and Harvard Medical School’s workshop on Calculating Power Size for Multilevel & Longitudinal Study Designs.