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  1. George Kaplan
    March 4, 2019 @ 12:08 pm

    This is interesting work and I commend all the folks who participated in this conference. However, and having done biomarker and biological pathways work myself over many decades, I am not sure of the conclusion that “The better we understand how social experiences “get under the skin” to perturb specific biologic mechanisms, the stronger social justice calls will be for specific policy or public health interventions to diminish the inequities that arise from social stratification.” Many of us have been making this argument for decades, but I am hard put to identify specific policy or public health actions that have been triggered by “under the skin” discoveries. Would be interesting to hear about examples that IAPHS folks can come up with to support such claims. Maybe I have overlooked some important examples.
    Again, the work is interesting and important on its own, but I think we need ask whether this type of work actually does lead to policy change that impacts on social and health inequities.

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