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Call for Nominations


This summer, IAPHS will hold an election to choose a new president-elect, three Board members, and a Student Representative.

This summer, IAPHS will hold an election to choose a president-elect and three Board members. The Nominations Committee, chaired by Past President Mark Hayward, invites suggestions for nominees. Nominations must be received by February 14, 2024. Click here to submit a nomination.

About the positions:

The president-elect serves IAPHS for three years. They will serve as president-elect for a year, will lead the organization as president in 2026, and will serve as past-president in 2027. In 2025, they will begin planning the 2026 conference. In 2027, s/he will serve as chair of the Nominations Committee.

Board members provide overall leadership and strategic direction to the organization. During their three-year terms, they participate in conference calls and serve on committees.

IAPHS structures its nominations to assure diversity in the leadership of the organization by assuring that nominees for the various positions vary by career stage, discipline, and other characteristics.

Officers who will be serving in 2024 are:

  • ​President: Magdalena Cerda, NYU Langone
  • President-Elect: Philip M. Alberti, AAMC
  • Past President: Mark Hayward, UT Austin
  • Treasurer: Elizabeth Wildsmith, Child Trends
  • Secretary: Katrina Walsemann, University of Maryland
  • Executive Director: Suzanne Bevan, SSB Management

Board members who will be continuing their service in 2024 are:​

  • Kaori Fujishiro, CDC
  • Caryn Bell, Tulane University
  • Alexander Tsai, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
  • Megan Todd, Philadelphia Department of Public Health
  • Sarah Gollust, University of Minnesota School of Public Health
  • Silvia Martins, Columbia University

Student Representative:

  • ​Michael Green, Duke University

We welcome your comments about ways of adding further diversity to the Board as well as your suggestions for nominees. Please send comments to Sue Bevan, IAPHS Executive Director ( Anyone can submit suggestions for nominees, even if not yet an IAPHS member. IAPHS also welcomes self-nominations. Suggested nominees need not be members but must join when accepting a nomination.

Many thanks from the Nominations Committee and the IAPHS Board.