IAPHS Mentoring Award

Congratulations to the 2019 Mentoring Award Winner – Sarah Burgard! Click here to learn more.


Recognition of an outstanding Mentor.  The award will acknowledge his/her time and dedication as a mentor, for making a significant positive impact on the intellectual and professional development of emerging scholars.


Candidates will be assessed on the extent, quality, and effectiveness of mentoring.  Excellence at the following criteria will be considered

  • Extent of mentoring: Has devoted extensive amount of time to mentoring either over time and/or to numerous mentees.
  • Support: Generously share their valuable time with their mentees. Provide supportive and open environment that encourages mentees to reach their full potential in areas relevant to the mentee’s goals.
  • Information and advice. Offers valuable advice and information to mentees in order to advance and develop the mentee’s own path to academic and/or professional success.
  • Feedback. Provide encouraging and constructive critiques of the mentee’s leadership, training, and/or scholarly works.
  • Professional exposure. Encourage and include mentees in networking activities with other professionals.
  • Sponsoring or advocating. Promote the contributions of their mentees, involve them in professional and leadership opportunities including publications, grants, and presentations.
  • Role model. Serve as role models of interdisciplinary health science by maintaining high standards of scholarship, professional and personal integrity and excellence within discipline and the larger scientific community.
  • Diversity support. Serves young scholars from underrepresented groups, contributes to diversity in the discipline.  


Nominee: IAPHS member but not necessarily an IAPHS Mentoring Program mentor.  Nominations for academic and non-academic mentors welcome.

Award Recognition:

Award recipient will receive a $1,000 honorarium or funds can be used for expense reimbursement to attend the conference. Award winners will be recognized in the opening plenary session of the conference.