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Community Research Partnership Award

The Community Research Partnership Award will be made jointly to a community member/group and a researcher. At least one recipient must be a member of IAPHS. “Community group” is defined broadly to encompass individuals, government agencies, non-profit organizations, etc. 


To recognize:

  • excellence in collaboration between community groups or individuals and population health researchers;
  • improvements in population health outcomes that resulted (or are likely to result) from partnerships between community groups and researchers;
  • innovation in approaches to ensure future population health and equity in the face of shifting social and environmental dynamics.


  • Awardees demonstrate authentic partnership in which the work has strong, organic ties to community and both the community group and researchers play meaningful roles.
  • Awardees are working together on an initiative that has yielded or has promise to yield positive population health outcomes.
  • Awardee efforts are focused on improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations by shaping/informing policy, system, and environment change.
  • Awardees exhibit innovation in their partnership, approach to their work, or the initiative they are engaged in.


  • Applicants may self-nominate OR be nominated by another person.
  • The application will contain the following information:
  • Name of community member/group
  • Name(s) of researcher(s) or research organization
  • Brief description of the work (describe the issue being addressed, the initiative, and roles and contributions of each nominee, including outcomes or potential outcomes) – 2000 characters
  • Justification for meeting the award criteria. Describe what is innovative about the work or partnership, how the effort advances population health equity, and how it will influence policy/systems/environmental change – 1000 characters
  • Major goals and/or accomplishments – 500 characters

Award Recognition:

One award will be made each year at the annual IAPHS conference. A $1000 award will be made to the IAPHS member to support the work the recipients are jointly engaged in.

Multiple Nomination Policy

If multiple nominations are received for the same individuals, nominators will be contacted to coordinate a joint nomination. Nomination forms include the option for multiple signatures in support of the individual being nominated for the award. If you have questions related to a joint nomination, please contact IAPHS Executive Director, Sue Bevan.