Ten tips for giving a better interview

Maria Carter

Have an exciting new paper that deserves a lot of press? Does the thought of talking to reporters tie your stomach in knots? As a reporter who spends each and every day interviewing experts like you, I’d like to offer you some tips on how to share your research far and wide without losing sleep.   1. Journalists are not the enemy! No matter what you heard in media training. If you’re lucky enough to have had media training, you might have heard something like, “journalists are trying to lure you into a ‘gotcha’ situation.” Or maybe the guidance wasn’t that bleak, but your trainer warned you to “stay on message.” This is misguided advice. Generally, we are on the same side. As reporters our goal is often to let the world know about your work! A reporter or editor thought it was interesting and thinks the audience will be interested too. Sometimes being too “on message” can make your work seem less interesting and make you appear wooden. Yes, thinking through how to explain something can be a good exercise, but not to the point where you’re an automaton afraid to say anything else. 2. Ask your own questions […]

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