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Looking for an expert?  Data, teaching materials or tips for population health research and application?  Or the latest opportunities in population health?  These tools should help you find what you need.

Member Directory

Search the directory to find an expert in population health.


Find and share announcements for the latest job, training, and funding opportunities relevant to population health, along with information about conferences, calls for papers, new publications, and other time-sensitive information.


Find and share resources for population health science and application. Resources can include any links or materials that support population health researchers or those who use research results in their work. For example:

  • Teaching resources (e.g., syllabi, publications on training, course materials)
  • Webinars and podcasts that provide information relevant to population health
  • Data resources: links to useful datasets, announcements of data available for public use
  • Research guidelines: advice for investigators navigating human subjects and other requirements
  • Population health interventions that work – examples
  • Resources for interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaborations
  • Guides to population health terminology and concepts
  • Other ideas from the IAPHS community!

If you’d like to share a resource, please contact us at  We’ll add new categories as our shared resource base expands.