Knowledge Exchange resources available from the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute


The Population Health Institute has made available a set of resources for researchers interested in knowledge exchange projects with partners such as community groups, policymakers, and government organizations who are seeking strategies to improve population health.  The resources include a set of Profiles of 10 knowledge exchange projects conducted by early-career researchers in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Health & Society Scholar (HSS) program at the University of Wisconsin; a free knowledge exchange toolkit; and websites and articles for anyone who would like to learn more about knowledge exchange.  The Profiles features a Preface from knowledge-exchange expert John Lavis (McMaster University), an Introduction from HSS site directors Dave Kindig (Emeritus Professor of Population Health Sciences, Emeritus Vice-Chancellor for Health Sciences) and Steph Robert (Director of the School of Social Work), and a reflection on the HSS knowledge exchange program from Steph Robert. You can download the full report and other resources at

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